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The Why and How of Clean Water

Drinkable water is a worldwide problem. Consider these facts. Nearly one in five people has no access to clean drinking water. Diarrhea, the second biggest child killer, causes 1.3 million deaths per year. These deaths could be prevented. 80% of these people live in rural areas of the world where in many cases water is collected from remote locations.Villagers in rural third world countries cannot afford expensive techniques.
While the challenge is enormous, there is a solution. By bringing education and water filtration to the families of Haiti and other third world countries, we now know we can save lives. This is what it will require:

Reliability. The purification system must operate for years with essentially no maintenance.
Power. The ideal system will not be dependent on external power or sunlight to function.
Location. Extensive field experience has determined that locating the water purification in the home produces the most effective results.
Simplicity. Education of the consumer and follow-up monitoring by trained personnel are essential to success. The simpler the system, the better the outcome.
Availability. The equipment must be constructed from materials locally available.

Satisfying all of these requirements has led Pure Water for the World to advocate slow sand filtration as the preferred methodology. Slow sand filtration has been in widespread use in large and small communities in Europe and America for centuries. On a small individual household scale, this technique is ideally suited to the requirements of rural populations in developing countries.

The intermittent slow sand filter shown here has been extensively tested in laboratories at the University of Calgary, MIT and Dartmouth College, and has proven economical and effective in thousands of field installations. In its commercial format, it is about the size of an office water cooler, constructed of concrete and plastic pipe, and filled with multiple grades of sand and gravel. The container filled with sand and the plastic pipe exiting at the bottom of the filter and returning up the outside combine to form a “trap”, similar to the trap under a sink.

As polluted water is poured into the container through a diffuser plate that controls the rate of flow, clean water that has traveled through the sand filtration process exits the pipe into a clean water receptacle.

The removal of harmful contaminants and pathogens takes place on the top surface of the sand 2 inches below the water surface. A natural biomass layer of microorganisms present in the contaminated water forms at this sand interface, which in turn actively degrades further organic material and removes it from the water that then filters through the layers of sand. The resulting water flowing from the outlet pipe is free of contaminants, clear in color, clean in taste and smell and safe for human consumption.

For more information on the problem and how you can help, please visit or

Rotary District 7190 Strongly Supports Glens Falls Rotary Water Walk 2009
9 am – 3 pm
Saturday May 9, 2009
Crandall Park
Rt. 9, Glens Falls, New York

*Water Walk Logo by Trampoline Design

Dear Friend,
We are inviting you and a group of friends or co-workers to help make a difference in the lives of people far less fortunate than we. Glens Falls Rotary is sponsoring a Water Walk. The objective is to provide clean drinking water to people who will otherwise die because of water borne diseases.

The purpose of this Water Walk is to provide funds for “Pure Water for the World” projects. The money your team raises will help “Pure Water for the World” provide sand filters to thousands of families in remote areas of Guatemala. These filters require no electricity and will supply a family with drinking water for a lifetime.

The Water Walk is more than just a fund-raising event. It will be a day of fun and entertainment that everyone will enjoy. While one of your team mates is hopping, skipping, jumping or walking through beautiful Crandall Park, the rest of your team can be participating in games, listening to live music, and countless other activities.

The Water Walk will start at 9am and the walking portion of the event will end at 3pm. We’ll have some fun competition for best team costumes and most enthusiastic teams prior to announcing the total money raised and awarding prizes. The day will include a barbeque that is free to all Water Walk participants.  

How can your group participate? District 7190 is encouraging every Rotary Club and community organization to help solve the problem of unclean drinking water. Your group could organize a Water Walk Team. A group of five or more people would raise donations for clean water and participate in the Water Walk event, May 9, 2009. The day will be an enjoyable experience involving Rotary Clubs, school groups, civic organizations, and other interested and interesting people from throughout the area.

Purchase a filter. Include the cost of a filter ($100) in your budget. Encourage members to purchase filters. Consider setting up a matching fund program using corporate or club funds to purchase a second filter each time one is purchased. All contributions are tax deductible. 

We strongly encourage your participation. If you have questions or need someone to make a presentation on the Water Walk 2009 to your organization or business, give us a call. We have a strong and willing support team to help.  For more information, call 518-793-5660. 

Thank you!




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**The Club also meets at 7:30 AM for breakfast every 1st and 3rd Tuesdays each month at Spot Coffee, 221 Glen Street, Glens Falls, NY. For info call 518-792-1023.


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