Posted by Tim Bechard on Oct 19, 2019
 Program for Oct 17th - The program was club business in which website reports were shared with the members attending.  Reports such as age distribution was reviewed and it was noted several members have not included their birth year on our website, therefore, some of the data is skewed since these members are listed as 1 year old.  Several comments were brought up regarding making changes to our membership structure in an attempt to attract members and implementing ways to enhance membership retention.  One ideas was to have a lower dues for younger members and allow the use of corportate memberships.  These ideas will be reviewed by the membership committee and at future board meetings. Stay tuned for possible revisions to our membership practices. 
New Member - Elizabeth Gullingham  has applied to become a member and has been approved by the board for membership. She is being sponsored by Paulette Kershko and works for Paulette as a New York State Certified Court System Secretary to Judge Kershko.  Elizabeth has been volunteering for the past two (2) for our Childrens Book program.  She will be inducted on Oct 31st, 2109.  Please extend a warm welcome to Elizabeth at upcoming meetings.
Membership Dues - We currently have 92 members including 5 honorary (who are not required to pay dues).  Our 2019-2020 budget year began July 1, 2019.  As of today, we have 79 out of 87 members who have paid their dues.  We appreciate their promptness!  If you are one the  9 members who had not yet paid your dues or if you are not sure if your dues have been paid, please contact Brian Corcoran, Kim Bren, or Tim Bechard as soon as possible.  A portion of your membership dues goes to Rotary International and a portion to the District. These have been or will be paid shortly on your behalf, so it is important that you are up to date with your membership dues. Your cooperation will be greatly appreciated.  
October 26th - World Polio Day Panel Discussion, 1st Reformed Church from 8:30 AM- 11:00 AM.  Address is 10 North Street, Schnectady, NY. 
November 9, 2019 - UN Day  
October 22 - Meeting on Alzheimers Disease at the Glens Falls Hospital Community Center from 7:30-8:30 AM.   
Program this week -  Bill Richmond, Adirondack Worm Farm
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