Posted by Tim Bechard on Oct 27, 2019
 Program for Oct 24th - Bill Richmond, Adirondack Worm Farm gave us a presentation of the use of a worm farm as a way to create compost.  Red Wiggly Worms are used and can turn vegatation and paper into compost or vermicompost within 60-90 days.  His current operation is in Kingsbury and has been is business for 2 years and is slowly building up his ability to produce vermicompost for sale. Once the vermicompost is created it can mixed with soil at around 15-20% and produce high benefits for growing crops.  
Childrens Book Program - We received positive feedback from many of the teachers and students who were part of the dictionaries presented to the 3rd graders in the Glens Falls School district.  Thanks to all those who helped with this project.  

New Member - Elizabeth Gullingham  has applied to become a member and has been approved by the board for membership. She is being sponsored by Paulette Kershko and works for Paulette as a New York State Certified Court System Secretary to Judge Kershko.  Elizabeth has been volunteering for the past two (2) for our Childrens Book program.  She will be inducted on Oct 31st, 2109.  Please extend a warm welcome to Elizabeth at upcoming meetings.  
November 7th - District Membership meeting for all district members from 6:30 - 8:30 at the First Reformed Chruch 10 N Church St., Schnectady, NY
November 9, 2019 - UN Day  
November 19th - Alzheimers Meeting at 7:30 AM, Community Room at Glens Falls Hospital
Program this week -  Kathy Naftaly - Director Crandall Library
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