The Scoop on the Thursday Meeting with DanIelle Valente!
Good Morning fellow Rotarians! The 5k was a smashing success! Thank you to all of the Rotarians that volunteered! 
- Our Birthday Celebration is THIS THURSDAY! Please come if you can and feel free to bring your family and friends!
- The Club received the 100 year anniversary award at the Rotary District conference this past weekend!
- We had a few members who were recognized as major donors during the  conference!
- A Big Thank You to Dave Lebel and John & Nina Mucha for donating and believing in service above self! Our club could not function without your generosity!
- Our very own Dave Bogue was also the MC for the evening! it sounds like he ran a very tight ship and kept things on track!
- The Adirondack Welcome Circle is now looking to house Ukrainian families in the ADK Welcome circle since they seem to have more need than the Afghan families. 
- Rotary 5k was a hit and really successful
- We have been in a deficit since the beginning of this year for lunch ($1500) so please register as soon as possible for the weekly meetings
- May 14th - would love to see if we could do both events "Pet Fest"& Mountain Mayhem Soccer Tournament. Will be doing hamburgers and hot dogs as well as bread dough. We are going to need a lot of volunteers, and need all of the Rotaract kids as well.
- Aviation Road Clean up will be in May, LARAC Fundraiser is June 18th
- Please volunteer to help out at the check-in table since we are back at the Queensbury full-time.  
- The Fishing Derby is this weekend and we are in need of volunteers! Please sign up!
 - 150 books were be given out at the 5k from The Ben Osborn Fund!
- Warm the Children also got the match check in from Stewart's in the amount of $2500! Amazing!
New Member Alert!!
We have a new application from Mrs. Teresa Dunn! She will be inducted in the next few weeks as long as we approve her application!
April 21st - We had the pleasure of hosting Dianna Potter and Sally Hawley of CWI (Community, Work, Independence Inc.)!

They have one agency that spans its services across 3 counties; Warren, Washington, and Saratoga Counties! They have 4 service divisions, Clinical services, Community and Employment Services, Day Services, and Residential Services.  They offer skill building services tailored to what the person needs (i.e. laundry, cooking etc.). They also offer a service for caregivers to find help and they reimburse for respite services.

Most of the time, during their Clinical Service, a clinician will go in to observe and train family on how to give more efficient care to the person in need. They also connect the caregiver to in home services if it is determined that is the best course of action for the person they are giving care to. 

CWI helps their clients find different pathways to employment and they also provide that person with a job coach and unpaid internships so they can apply and be placed.  Job coaches will go in and learn the job then show the people who CWI support how to do it. They also offer prevocational services to prepare the clients for work in a vocational job. Some clients are ready for something a little less hands on and will take advantage of supported employment, where they are pretty much ready to work but need a resume boost or to work on their interviewing skills 

Transition services are designed to work with older Special Education students (juniors or seniors) to have more help in figuring out what to do after high school.  They offer day services at Glens Falls School district, Queensbury, Hudson Falls, SUNY Adirondack and Warrensburg.  CWI has transportation as well for the clients. They have 100 vehicles (8 buses) that they have to keep up with.

Lastly, they offer residential services for people who are in more need of help, and another program for people who are almost ready to live on their own. Their mission is to have them be as independent as possible, and it is made possible by these programs. The difference between CWI and other agencies are that some agencies are strictly residential but CWI is sort of a combination of everything needed to support its clients. 

It was a great program and I'm interested in what you think we could be doing to support this cause even more!


April 28th- For this meeting we had the pleasure of hearing from our very own fellow Rotarian, Harrison Freer! He spoke on a brand new topic, Eviation or aviation in electric planes, along with many new electric happenings around our region!
He showed pictures of some electric airplanes that he has flown, usually 2-4 seaters, and said that the only sound you really hear is the sound of the propeller!
The brand "Pipistrel" is leading the charge on electric airplanes, but there are other companies that are catching up as well. Another company, Beta, is also developing technology and is not all that far behind Pipstrel in developing planes! Harrison used one of the planes made by the Israeli company called "Alice" to go to an Indian wedding recently, he said it was an excellent ride and very comfortable and easy to fly!
He then moved into talking about Ebikes, there is a questions that everyone is asking in the area, which is should they be allowed on the Warren County Bikeway? Currently there are not any rules against them, but some people think that it may be good to put some rules in place to regulate use on the bikeway. The law states that you can use your Ebike on any road that has a posted speed limit up to 30mph ( they are thinking that the town will pass an ordinance to allow them on the main road that is over 45mph for parts of the bike trail like Country Club Rd).      
Thank you again to everyone who came out to the 5k and volunteered! Please also consider volunteering for the Fishing Derby this Saturday! 
Just like usual, if you would like to watch the recording of the meeting from last week you can find it in the link above! I have included the passcode so that you may write it down and have it ready when you click the link.  
Thanks for reading, and I will see everyone for our Birthday Celebration on ! 
**Please remember that all of our meetings will be virtual for the month of February!**
Runners in and out of the college! - From Joan Tarantino!
The largest Corporate Team, Hudson Headwaters! -  From Joan Tarantino
Runners on the main road! - From Gabrielle Grasmeder
Our Club accepting the 100 year anniversary award! - From Kathy Grasmeder
Dave Lebel! - From Kathy Grasmeder
100 years of Service above Self! - From Kathy Grasmeder
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