The Scoop on the Thursday Meeting with DanIelle Valente!
Good Evening fellow Rotarians! We are doing a double feature this week as my spinoff is coming out after two meetings have gone by!
****We have a proposed new member who we will be voting on next week! Her name is Jessica Hugabone Vinson and we are so excited to meet her, and see what she plans to bring to the club!****
- For the Month of January the board has agreed that we should plan on meeting virtually. With the rise of the Omicron Variant and case count in Warren County it only seemed logical to suspend in person meetings for the month of January.  
-Kim Heunemann spoke about the Common Roots Virtual Beer tasting that is coming up on February 2nd at 6:30pm. Kim did send an email out with some more information and at this time we are going to have people email Kim to reserve a spot. You will be able to reach her at kheunemann@roadrunner.com!
- The Ben Osborne project is going well so far, we do have some other clubs helping to take over some of the stations on the "outer rim" of Warren County. 
-The Rotary Park plans are currently on hold with The City and will be starting up again once the issues we are having are ironed out. 
January 13th - We had the pleasure of seeing a beautiful presentation about the Wiawaka holiday house! Known as an artists' haven on the beautiful shores of our beloved Lake George, the Wiawaka Holiday House has been in operation since 1903!
The Wiawaka is primarily for female inhabitants, and has housed many incredible female  artists and served as inspiration for hundreds of thousands of beautiful works of art throughout the years. One of the most exciting visitors they ever had was none other than Georgia O'Keeffe! She came to the Wiawaka as a young artist to pursue her passion long before she was famous. They have the notebook where she signed in on display and you are able to see other works of hers that were inspired by her stay at the Wiawaka! 
The Wiawaka was originally founded so women and girls could "getaway" from the stress of their jobs in the Troy textile mills. Men are welcomed as guests of the women who attend the events in the beautiful holiday house and can work on the perfection of theor art and connections with nature as well! Wiawaka is derived from the native word meaning "The Great Spirit of Woman" which Wiawaka most definitely celebrates! This sacred gem on Lake George holds workshops, classes, and getaways for women who want to better themselves through art and connection with nature. I will link their website below if anyone would like to check out the amazing work that they do!
January 20th - For this meeting we had the pleasure of hosting Queensbury Town Supervisor, John Strough! He gave an engaging presentation about the upcoming changes in the new year for the Town of Queensbury. There will be more focus on infrastructure, more building and betterment of the water treatment systems, taking a look at traffic patterns in problematic areas and makeing sure they are fixed, as well as many other ideas!
One that he was also very excited about was the replacement and upgrading of equipment for the people driving the plows! Their work cannot be completed with outdated equipment and the fact that they are addressing it is wonderful! He talked about the monitoring of traffic patterns and how they plan to do some work along Bay Road around SUNY Adirondack to make the road safer and more passable for the citizens in our community. 
John is very excited for the new year and has shown that the opportunity to improve is available. It also seems like he is taking the plunge and truly working to make the Town of Queensbury a better place to live! 


I hope everyone is hunkered down and ready for this cold weather and we will see you on Thursday this week! Stay Warm and Stay Healthy!

Just like usual, if you would like to watch the recording of the meeting from last week you can find it in the link above! I have included the passcode so that you may write it down and have it ready when you click the link.  
Thanks for reading, and I will see everyone on Thursday! 
**Please remember that all of our meetings will be virtual for the month of January!**
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