Posted by Tim Bechard on Nov 25, 2019
 Program for Nov 14th - Mike Bittle, CEO of Adirondack Regional Chamber of Commerce gaves us an overview of the how the Adirondack Regional Chamber of Commerce (ARCC) works with businesses in the area (Warren, Washington, and Saratoga counties).  The chamber has grown this past year with 759 members.  The majority of which are small businesses.  Mike pointed out how we educate our children to become professionals, however the majority of them move away to seek employment as there are not enough demand for employees with these advance skills.  As a result, the population of Warren and Washington county is decreasing.  Perhaps we need to rethink how to attract people to this area.
Program for Nov 21st - Lyme Disease Committee (Steve Borgos, Dave Schwenker, and Harrison Freer) - The committe gave us an update of the findings from research and what the goovernment is doing to achieve better diagnosis and treatment of tic borne diseases such as Lyme.  We watched a 20 minute video produced by Fox News.  Very interesting and it is good to see that progress is being made.  Hopefully, these efforts will continue to establish a consensus how the treatment as well as prevention of this elusive and terrible disease. I will try to send the video to all members to watch if you have time.  
 Volunteer Efforts - Rotary shined for helping the Salvation Army prepare holiday baskets for needed families.  We were asked for 10 volunteers on Saturday and we had 12.5 when counting Ryan Haig's daughter of around 5 who also helped.  Thanks to all who volunteered.  Warm the Children Shoppers - shoppers needed to oversee purchases.  Ringing the Bell for collecting donations for the Salvation Army will be scheduled soon.  Holiday Baskets (meals) for Christmas (preparing over 900 baskets for needed families as well as delivery (managed by the Salvation Army).  Childrens Books - Queensbury Elementary School.  Be on the lookout for these volunteer opportunities. Committee chairs can be found on our website or contact Ed Fitzgerald, Director of Club Service. 
Dec. 13-18th - Holiday Baskets for Salvation Army
Dec. 16th - Queensbury School Books for 3rd Graders
Program this week -  Reflections
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