Posted by Tim Bechard on Dec 17, 2019
 Program for Dec 12th - This weeks program was the great performance by the Queensbury Madgraicals (24 High School Students) who sang songs they have been practicing for an upcoming tour of Europe.  For those who could not make the meeting, it was a great performance and delighted all those who attended. 
Tom Haley  - Tom is one of our honorary members who lives in Saratoga and can not attend our meetings due to lack of mobility and transportation.  He recently feel and broke his wrist.  A card was sent around during the meeting for members to sign wishing him the best and will be sent to him.  He really enjoys hearing from us.  If you would like to sent him a card, his address is: 5 Bensonhurst Ave., Saratoga Springs, NY 12866.  
 Volunteer Efforts - Thanks to all the volunteers who pitched in for the Holiday baskets at the Salvation Army, Bell Ringing at the Walmart for collecting donations for the Salvation Army, and presenting books at the Queensbury Elementary School.  The effort to cover all these areas required significant volunteers, including Interact to cover all areas.  In all, approximately 60 volunteer hours was needed to cover all these areas in one week.  Great job everyone! 
Student Exchange:  Teresa one of our student exchange students needed to make a quick trip to NYC to sign papers at the Bolivian Consolute for her parents.  Transportation was needed for her to accomplish this in a timely fashion.  Rotarian, Dave Lebel stepped up to the plate and may the trip today.  Service above Self was definitely evident for this effort!
December 26, 2019 -  No Meeting 
Program this week -  Glens Falls High School Singers
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