Posted by Cindy Amell on Feb 18, 2019
This week – Fellow Rotarians Tom Burdick and Dawn Vavala will come and speak to us about the Rotary Program – Gift of Life.
March 7th we will be holding our club meeting at the Park Theatre.  We will be listening to the Queensbury HS Jazz band. 
Bowl For Kids’ Sake 2019
For several years, the Glens Falls Rotary Club has participated in the annual Bowl For Kids’ Sake to support Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Southern Adirondacks. We have an ongoing rivalry with Glens Falls Kiwanis Club and the SGF Rotary Club for the “Pin of Prestige”. Kiwanis has held it the last two years and it’s time to bring it back to our Rotary Club! If you are interested in participating as a bowler, please contact Patti Pepe, our team captain, at or (518) 222-5048. You don’t have to be a good bowler to join in! It’s all about the fun! If you would like to make a donation to our Rotary team, the Rotary Rollers, please go to . Go down to the middle of the page and click on “Donate to a Bowler”, when the box opens up, type in Rotary Rollers then click on “Donate”. Your contribution stays local and helps give children a one-on-one caring mentor to guide them on a path to success. Thank you!
Here is the new board for the Rotary year 2019-20 under the leadership of Tim Bechard as voted on and accepted at the February 14th lunch meeting.
President:  Tim Bechard
President elect:  John Fitzgerald
VP Programs:  Tom Lyons
Treasurer:  Brian Corcoran
Secretary:  Kevin O’Brien
Immediate Past Pres:  Cindy Amell
Directors:        Kim Heunemann
                        Ed Fitzgerald
                        Mike Woodbury
                        Lee Pollock
                        Jennifer Brink
Past Pres Rep:  Jean Lapper
President:  Tim Bechard
Vice President:  Tom Lyons
Treasurer:  Brian Corcoran
Secretary:  Kevin O’Brien
Directors:        John Fitzgerald
Cindy Amell
Joan Tarantino
                        Suzanna Bernd
                        Cynthia  Sherwood
UPDATE YOUR PROFILE on the Glens Falls Website!  Insert your picture, update personal info, add info under your Bio (hey, even I need to do this)!.   This is helpful to new members to get to know our members.  Dave Bogue or Charles Adams will be happy to assist – as will I.  The membership committee is going to be following up with all Rotarians to see we get this accomplished in the near future.  We will be taking pictures of Rotarians this week so brush your hair and wear a clean shirt!
Mark Your Calendar:
Big Brothers Big Sisters Bowl FOR Kids Sake -  March 17
District assembly April 6th – more details to follow
Rotary 5k – April 13
Fishing Derby -  May 4th
The end!
"Be the Inspiration!"