Posted by Tim Bechard on Jan 29, 2020
 Program for Jan. 23th -  Jeannie Williams talked about history of Feeder Canal and its significance to the area’s economy after it was placed in service. She also talked about trying to link with regional, even state wide trail systems, and finally the acquisition of, and current and planned future use of the coal silos.
Volunteers Events for January 25 & 26, 2020 - Kudos to all the volunteers:
(Brian, Stephanie, and  Molly Corcoran, Jim Amell, Dave Lebel, Barbara and Bob Rosoff, Jim and Melissa Goodspeed 
Fred and Maryellen Field, Harrison Field, Beth Gillingham and Scott Gushlaw, Paulette Kershko, Charla Jennings, Jackie Touba,
Kerri and Gene Lewis, Jim Goodspeed)
who helped with both the serving of the poor at the Saturday supper held and the Christ Church United Methodist and the Sunday bulk mailing for the Shamrock Shuffle and our upcoming 5K.  
This Weeks Program - Ellie von Wellsheim will tell us about the MoonCatcher program that is part of our district effort to help young women in other countries adjust to adulthood. 
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