Posted by Cindy Amell on Jan 14, 2019
This week – Diane Shugrue, President and CEO of the Glens Falls Hospital will give us an update.  Please come join us. 
SOUND SYSTEM UPDATE – so as you may have noticed we do not have a sound system yet for our luncheon meetings.  I assure you we are purchasing one!  To update you – the Queensbury Hotel does not provide the sound system for us or any groups using the Q any longer.  They have adopted a new model plan where they have hired an outside company to run all of their sound system needs.  PP Dave Bogue is looking for a sound system that is portable, lightweight, and affordable and will project in both the smaller and larger rooms at the Q. We plan to use this system at fundraising events as well.  We also have our own screen now which is smaller than the Q provided.  Again, the screen is part of that extra fee we would need to pay to use it.  Lucky for us we already had one in storage! 
5K Application Prep – Sunday January 20th 1pm at the Association for the Blind.  144 Ridge Rd.  No more than two hours and it is relaxing work – no heavy lifting! We have 8 folks signed up but we are willing to take more.  It will get done faster with more help!
Don Hess Memorial Service will be February 2nd at 11am at the First Presbyterian Church in Glens Falls.  All are welcome to come. 
Please join us this Thursday directly following the luncheon meeting for a discussion on LYME disease and how our club can help educate the public on this horrible illness.  Contact PP Steve Borgos if you have any questions.
The Membership committee will meet directly following this Thursday’s meeting.  Interested in being on the Membership committee?  If so, please plan on joining us!
Ever been to a District Conference?  They are a great opportunity to meet other Rotarians from our district and come back with some great ideas going forward! 
The Conference of clubs will be held in Essex Junction, VT  May 3-5.  It is being held at the beautiful Essex Resort and Spa  If you would like more info please see President Cindy.  Jim and I will be attending and would love to see more Glens Falls Rotarians there as well!
Jackie Touba is our Club historian and she has requested that anytime you see any Rotary news in the Post Star to please cut it out and see that she gets it.  Jackie has done a wonderful job of gathering all Rotary News and with our 100th anniversary of our club coming up in a few short years – it is nice to have and know our history!
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Be the Inspiration!