Posted by Cindy Amell on Sep 18, 2018
September 18, 2018
This week–  Sept 20 – Rotarian Phil Kellerman – currently with the Oley Foundation and formerly harvest Of Hope - will talk about the current controversy over immigration – very timely topic.  As a fellow Rotarian, Phil is aware of the guidelines of Rotary as to being politically neutral and will NOT provide any personal opinions.  Description: There are an estimated 10 million persons in this country who have no permission to be here legally   This includes some 800,000 “Dreamers” - foreign born children who have grown up in the U.S. that have sought protection with DACA cards.   The presenter will explain the complexities and problems with our current immigration system, and what is occurring politically to address undocumented personas as well as immigrants who want to come to this country.   The human and economic impact of immigration will also be addressed.  
Sept 27th -  Jason Carusone – Warren County DA “Victims of Crimes”  Thank you Jackie Touba for arranging this speaker.
Oct 4th – Social Meeting and learn more about our website.  Bring your cell phones or computers!
Oct 11thKevin Bailer, The sky is Not Limited   Hmmm…intriguing.  Will get you folks more info on that one.
Oct 18thRobert Kent and the Opiod Crisis.  This was rescheduled from an earlier date. More info next week.
Sept 27 - Rotary Board Meeting 7am SAIL
Assembly Meeting last week – Foundation chair Kim Heunemann announced a grand total of $1,428 collected for Polio eradication.  That is 70% of our goal.  Thank you all !
PP Dave Bogue updated us on our new website.  Thank you Dave – this was a big time consuming job and is still a work in progress.  Look for the email sent out today on how to access it.  Congratulations to PP PDG John Mucha for his Paul Harris +8.  This just shows John’s dedication and belief in what the foundation does.  Look for his program later in October on the Foundation. What a wonderful job Treasurer Brian Corcoran did on the Budget presentation.  $65,165 raised during 2017/18 for service both locally and internationally.  That’s why we do this as Rotarians….that’s a lot of fried dough – among other things!
We are selling fried Dough at the balloon festival.  Please sign up.  You can do it online through our new website.  You can also email PP Kevin directly if you can’t access it. This is all hands on deck – we need you! 
We are delivering Dictionaries againNEXT WEEK  -  Let’s go see those little kids faces light up when we hand them their own little books!  Sign ups are on the website and if you have any trouble let me or PP Dave Bogue know. Thanks to Paulette Kershko for organizing!
World Awareness Children’s MuseumSunday Oct 14 – 5:00-7:00pm.  RSVP by Oct 6.  Tickets $60 per person.  Queensbury hotel featuring World Jazz by Heard, Historic Youth Art Exhibit, Silent Auction with works by local artists and International Hors d’oeuvres and cash bar..  Reserve online through their website.  This is a sweet little gem in our community and hope many of us can support it by attending.
Two New Members being inducted this weekMichelle Chandler and Frieda Toth – both from the Crandall Public Library.  Gees – does this mean we have to start reading more!  The world’s newest Rotarians!  Please come introduce yourself after the meeting.
Scrabble Tournament – to benefit Literacy NY in Glens Falls  Join us in a Rotary Table October 27th.  More details to follow.  See Bill Nealon or Harrison Freer for more information.  This is a great program run by so many volunteers in our community – we are lucky to have it!
Do you have a program you could do at the last minute?  If so – let the program committee know.  It is nice to have a backup in case of a last minute cancellation.  Thanks to Charla for this suggestion.
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